Free Your Mind

from stress and anxiety


Does stress, anxiety, fatigue or back pain get you down? Do you want to start feeling calmer, brighter and more energetic? 


Join me for a transformational 6-week course and bring the benefits of yoga & meditation into your life.




Release tension from your mind and body

Experience tranquility and balance

Feel stronger and more resilient to stress


*One-to-one courses are offered within 5 miles of Warlingham, Surrey.
Group yoga and meditation classes will take place in Warlingham village.

I recently took part in a private yoga class with Heena. I am a beginner and a bit nervous as I am not very flexible at all even though I go to the gym regularly! Luckily Heena immediately put me at ease with the way she gently communicates and her approach to teaching is really positive! Throughout my session, she continuously encouraged me and demonstrated all the various poses with clear instructions, making any necessary adjustments to my alignment. She also demonstrated a deep spiritual understanding of yoga. I started off the session feeling a bit stressed (due to work) but actually finished the session totally relaxed and light. That night I slept really well! I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of doing yoga to try one of Heena’s classes. She is super patient and I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with her. I am also looking forward to trying out Heena’s meditation classes which I am sure will work wonders for my stress levels!
— Sujita
Heena Patel Yoga And Meditation

About Heena

Trained in India, I teach Hatha yoga on a one-to-one or group basis, with a focus on relief from stress, anxiety, fatigue and back pain. My motivation to teach comes from personal experience having found relief from these conditions through a regular yoga practice.

My approach is gentle and compassionate and I believe that yoga can benefit anyone regardless of age, flexibility, shape or mobility.  

I also lead Meditation courses focusing on the natural breath, based on a powerful technique derived from ancient Indian scriptures, offering a deep sense of inner tranquility and balance.

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